I have been a graphic designer, editor, writer, and art director for more than 40 years, with clients ranging from corporations to publishers, ad agencies, non-profits, and individuals. I provide a full range of services, from concept to delivery, working with the client to identify goals and arrive at solutions that meet or exceed expectations.

I remember how technologically advanced we felt when we got the first 128K Apple Macs. Now, of course, we do nearly everything on the computer, and I keep up with new developments. Sometimes, though, the latest technology isn’t the right tool for the job—not long ago I used sumi brushes and ink to execute just the right dry-brush swirl for a logo.

I have written two books and given a number of talks about the history of graphic design during the late nineteenth century, a period of extraordinary change in artistic style and technology. I hope that my research informs my work in a way that leads to innovative solutions to the challenges of this fast-evolving age.

— Matthew Young


Presenting a concept, circa 1960.