Advertising is important! Effective ads sell your company or product with a message that appeals to the intellect, heart, or sense of humor. They engage customers as if you were speaking directly to them, and when you make the right connection your target customer will identify with your brand.

The right newspaper, magazine, or billboard can do that. Of course, these days advertising means more than print or even television. The internet offers ways to advertise that can be cost-effective and reach large numbers of people. A well-designed banner ad will catch a viewer’s eye and may promote brand recognition, even if the viewer doesn’t click through to your website.

The same fundamental rule still applies: an ad should capture the viewer’s attention and imagination. If it does that, it will be effective whether it’s a full page in a magazine or a banner on a web page.

I’ll develop an advertising plan for you, deliver imaginative creative concepts, and implement a targeted strategy across the right media for your message.