Book Design

Book Design and Production

Book design has been an area of special interest for me for a long time, beginning with annual reports and corporate publications for organizations such as Recording for the Blind, Berlitz, and the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching.

More recently, I have been designing scholarly books for Oak Knoll Press (some co-published with the British Library), as well as Oak Knoll book catalogues.

I work with the publishing editor, at times in direct contact with the author, to arrive at the right format, typography, and jacket design for a particular work. My general approach to page layout is that the design should complement the subject and tone of the text, and not call attention to itself in a distracting way. The cover design should also be appropriate to the subject, of course, but it is also the main advertising vehicle for the book as a product, and should therefore catch the eye in a way that makes the viewer want to know more.