You need to provide information about your organization to employees, investors, existing and potential clients and customers, and the media. Attention span on the internet is fleeting, so your collateral materials need to provide the kind of in-depth information that can be studied, absorbed, and kept on hand for reference.

Promotional materials may include brochures, newsletters, fact sheets, posters, flyers, and press releases. Information that collateral material can often communicate better than other forms of marketing includes:

  • Company background
  • Mission statement
  • Product and/or Service facts
  • Biographies of key management
  • Client list
  • News and recent media coverage

I can design, write, arrange photography, and manage print production for projects of any size and quantity. Once your publication is finalized and in print, it can then be adapted for use on your website, in the form of extracts, downloadable PDF files, blogs, or even as an online flip book.